Carbyne Games

We are a small indie outfit, with no official office and some long friendships. Most of us are old enough to remember the origins of online multiplayer gaming. From our first 2400 baud connections to hauling CRT monitors to each other's houses for LAN parties to Mplayer, the magic was real. 25+ years later we still find ourselves longing for those experiences.

mPlayer Logo from the late 90s

With the rise of indie games over the last decade we've seen many games start to break out of commercial trends and return gaming to its roots, which above all should be about having fun. If you can do it with friends - all the better.

So why make games?'s simple. We have an idea for a game, and we think you can help make it even better. Every great game starts with a great idea, but every great game also has a lot of input from fan feedback, and we aim to do just that. Start making a great game, but open it to the community to see where it can go.

Our goal is to be fully transparent with the community as we progress through development. Your feedback is important and necessary for forward progress to occur.


While we work on all aspects of the game development in-house, as funding permits we contract out concepting, design, music, sound effects, modeling and C++ coding (and UE5 Blueprinting) to artists we know and have worked with over the years. We are primarily developing inside Unreal Engine 5, as many of you may know the advantages that brings for independent developers. We are not paid game developers and any support coming from donations or subscriptions through Patreon will go towards developing priority features and functionality that is best for the game.

Thank you and we hope to see you all on the Atlas.