What is Advent Guard?

The name Advent Guard has heavy lore/single player implications and is a great name to develop under, but it is a working title for now.

I'm not sure what genre the concept behind Advent Guard fits into; it might be best to start with three of the inspirations behind the project:

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance (2000) - While the whole series was an inspiration and the overlapping inspirations are obvious enough - big bots and metal flying everywhere, the 4th entry really hit home with us in terms of the technical readouts and loadouts that were available to the player.

One Must Fall 2097 (1994) - THE robot battler of the PC Gamer demo disk era. Forget Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat! So many LAN parties started and ended with that amazing synthetic theme song. Metal was bruised and cries were heard all throughout our childhoods. A lot of good robotic/mech fighting and arena games have come out since, but the credit for inspiration needs to go to the original! Advent Garde hopes to capture the intense heavy metal combat and the good feeling gameplay and pure excitement that OMF2097 delivered through fast and weighty gameplay with a large focus on sound effects that put you in the middle of the crunching metal.

Star Wars Galaxies (2003) - To this day still one of the most innovative and meaningful crafting systems in any game (prior to NGE anyway!). With the dynamic planetary resource spawns and other economic features like player associations, player stores and vendors, this game was a crafters dream. I myself played as a Weaponsmith on the Kettemoor server and have been searching for a similar experience in the years since to fill the void left by this gem. Advent Garde aims to have truly unique items from a complex resource statistic driven crafting system.

Eve Online (2003) - Known everywhere for its fully player driven economy and massive headline gaining battles - which is an inspiration in itself. However what always inspired me the most about Eve Online is how CCP found an interesting way to handle ship loadouts to expand just beyond normal "slots" and allowed players to build complex loadouts for various purposes to work together. Playing for years, I always thought "This would be so cool if there was a game that handle robots the same way!" Advent Garde is our attempt at this.

After all that - what is the genre? I'm not sure yet. If I had to make up a genre in under three words it might be a "technical battler". If I had a few more words to provide it more justice, it would probably be a "Technical Action Adventure Single or Team Battler" coupled with a "Heartfelt Lore-Driven Story of AI finding its purpose through Meaningful Crafting".


Keep tabs on the Dev Stream and help us bring this to life!