Support Development Efforts

If you are interested in helping support developmental costs we have several ways you can participate. First and foremost, the biggest way to support development is to share the project with friends and family and offer feedback and share our social media posts. More eyes means more feedback, especially as we move towards a playable beta. However, if you feel you want to directly support development with your skills or even financially...we have some options as well.

Want to offer your services?

Do you enjoy 3D Modeling and Rigging? Are you familiar with setting up robotic characters? Advanced texturing skills? Do you enjoy prop or environmental modeling? You are more than welcome to offer your services! We do currently have a limited budget for development so you won't get rich (at least not yet!) but you might feel awesome helping the team bring this project to life!

Currently need:

Environmental Concept Artists

Character Concept Artists (Both Mechanical and Organic)

Just want to throw some money at the project? We appreciate it, but we don't currently have a method to accept donations as of yet. There are plans for a kick-starter once something playable is out to showcase. We do have an active Patreon account below if you wish to throw a few bucks a month towards...well the services above!